Ok ok we all grew up exposed to annual parties some way or the other. Around your kasi there’s still an annual event or there was one. For example mo Mabopane we’re exposed to the Three Yards festival hosted by the legendary DJ Mike Dallas. Started small within a kasi called Block S then proceeded to Block K then industrial side then to Giant Stadium.

But then as years passed the event lost its momentum. Do we blame the patrons who didn’t want to pay the price to see A list performers? Or the hosts for not making sure the event is accessible to the people. But then this year it was not different the event was a shadow of the once hot event, with kasi artists who are on the fore front of entertainment industry in Pretoria being booked.

Do annual events still have an impact on us?
Do we still need them?
Where does the problem lie?

If it’s not bad sounding, the performers that were advertised failed to make it to the event and no security at the venue where the event was hosted. I can go all day pointing out the misses but that’s not the point of this column. This is a two way problem, for event organizers to succeed we need to support them. Can we please support local events hosted within our neighborhood. One thing I have noticed is we’re one unreliable market, instead of supporting local events we’d rather go elsewhere to spend our money.

Can event organizers take a leaf from Kenny Kunene’s book when it comes to raising the bar when it comes to partying, Kenny never disappoints. Not suggesting any Sushi though. We can’t always have the same DJs on different themed parties & venues. How about injecting models or something that will make patrons beg for more? A live element always saves the day. Experienced event organizers kindly school inexperienced event organizers. Those hosting annual parties, kindly do your homework before you host an event of a big magnitude that will be a hot mess.

We should also look up to big events like Maftown Heights, despite it having its own drama. We saw Zola of Zola 7 Fame being taken off the line up and was replaced by Thebe of the hit track Lenyora. For example sponsors should put in line to make your event a spectacular one. So sit down and do your proposal and work.

If all fails go back to the drawing board and simplify the business model.
With that said continue to support local content!
Local is Lekker!


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