DJ Patlama, whose true name is Thabo Phallane from Mabopane, released his first single in late 2017 and will release his latest offering on Friday. Patlama, a producer and soulful house DJ who has been in the music industry for more than two decades, hasn’t always had it easy. His upcoming single is about a man who motivated a lady to be better, to do more in her life, to pursue her aspirations, and to be passionate. 

‘’The second single is titled Ngikhethe Wena. He went for Afrotech, and it will be released on Friday on all digital music platforms. “It’s a tune that’s both motivating and inspiring.” The song was highly welcomed and shattered bounds when Louie Vega sang it, and it became a smash in Hong Kong” said DJ Patlama.

“It’s been a long road, but my passion for music and my perseverance have made it possible, I’ve faced a lot of difficulties, especially after releasing my first single, Feeling, in December’’ said DJ Patlama. In 2017, he began creating music, focusing on Afrotech and soulful house music, in order to break out of his comfort zone and improve as an artist. His uncle, who liked jazz music and played it every Sunday, was an inspiration to him.

Vinny Da Vinci, Glen Lewis, Tokzen, Ganyani, Positive K, Nastee Nev, Playmaster, Smallistic, and the late KB Molopyane are just a few of the house music heavyweights with whom DJ Patlama has collaborated. “I’m a huge music fan, so being able to go into a studio and produce a big song is a dream come true, I’m extremely proud of myself for working so hard and receiving positive feedback about my songs from my fans’’ concluded DJ Patlama.

By: Palesa Maneli.

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