DJ Maphorisa took to social media to apologise to music producer Makwa Beats and Pretoria musician Dr Maling. This comes after DJ Maphorisa made headlines last week for threatening Dr Malinga’s life through a Facebook live video, in the live feed Maphorisa labelled Maling as a jealous musician and called Makwa a disrespectful boy that takes drugs and called on both artists to begin appreciating him.

“Even you Malinga stop what you’re doing. Malinga is on and off, one day your are happy, next day you are not. It’s either you love or hate me. You need to be straight with me, it’s either we fix this thing or when we bump into each other the war begins. We both from Pretoria, I produced Via Orlando that changed your life”. I don’t even understand why you are jealous of me or you hate my success” DJ Maphorisa said about Malinga in the live video.

DJ Maphorisa has publicly apologised and said that he sometimes becomes sensitive, however he loves the two stars and promotes music for survival instead “ I tripped sorry guys I become soft n sensitive sometimes. Makwa I love u boy I’m sorry I tripped. Dr Malinga askies grootman laka Lets push love forward lets make music guys n feed our families.Sorry again” he said.

Judging from the mentioned artists posts, they have shown remorse and reconciliation. “Forgiven my brother and also forgive me God bless Thanks bye” Malinga said. “I’m so sorry too big bro I acted out of character I promise It won’t happen again”said Makwa.

By: Mbali Mabena.

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