One of the top South African producers, Dj , and Vocalist also known as Themba Sunnyboy Sekowe keeps demonstrating his consistency and passion for growing the amapiano movement. He recently invited other South African popular  DJ’s to play a part in the growth of the genre. A couple of days ago Maphorisa posted  on Facebook  saying “I wish artists like Shimza, Heavy K and Black Coffee could play amapiano songs, it will mean a lot for the amapiano movement”.

Shimza one the popular DJ’s also known as Ashley Raphala replied to the Facebook post by saying “ We can’t all do the same thing because we all have different goals and paths in our careers my brother. You guys are doing perfectly fine without us and it’s amazing to watch from the outside! Keep going! We here to support!”

“well said groetman , Dj Maphorisa must play your  genre to show that he also supports your movement. He wants to change your genre and play his, for what we don’t know. Just stay there and watch him play his genre”. Said Sir Jonno De Narrian supporting Shimza’s comment.

“I can handle both amapiano porry and house, It marks 10 years of Heavy this year. Introducing my other production strong points it’s something necessary for me. To my day one fans I’ll never leave you behind but allow me to experiment” said the popular drum boss, Heavy K.

Heavy K has shown an interest in participating in the amapiano movement in his Facebook post response whilst Dj Mshiza has shown no interest in taking part of part in the movement, He believes everyone has their own goals and paths. 

Dj Maphorisa has a well-earned place in the amapiano movement. He has over the years remained consistent releasing a amapiano song weekly if not monthly. He has also played a significant part in takung the amapiano movement both nationally and internationally.


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