It is another round of DJ Maphorisa versus Prince Kaybee. Just when we thought we have seen the last of this duo’s war, stray bullets were caught on Twitter. Tweets were treated to front row seats with a brief shady exchange of words between the two DJs as they sub-tweeted each other over who should take credit for pioneering the Amapiano genre that has taken the world by storm.

Since it hit the scene, there has been a constant debate on social media and within the music industry as to who should take credit for pioneering the sound when it started a few years ago. Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to ask for the original pioneers of the genre to document everything about the Amapiano culture.

He also took the moment to throw some shade stating that “those who left their own genres to join the Amapiano wagon”, and while he did not mention any names, many readers and followers read as DJ Maphorisa. Prince Kaybee also said those who jumped on the genre to take the back seat. “The Amapiano cats should compile a Netflix special outlining the culture and its roots and please the artists that left their genres to jump on the Amapiano wagon must not be in this, let the kids tell their story,” Prince Kaybee tweeted.

The tweet caught the attention of DJ Maphorisa who slabbed back on twitter. “2017 I dropped my first Amapiano song, and it was not with Kabza. I’ve been at it. I invested my life with Amapiano for almost 5 years don’t come with bullsh*t,” Maphorisa hit back. The DJ then also added a note for all the “old” artists seemingly touched by Amapiano’s growing success. He added that artists that did not have the foresight to see how the genre would blow up should keep their regrets to themselves.

“Amapiano name came as a diss. Don’t be mad now or be frustrated because you can’t chart any more. You didn’t see it coming. We paid attention to the streets and the culture, now it’s paying us, we Thanks, SA.” Don’t be arrogant, be humble and listen to the kids. You’re getting old, don’t forget!” DJ Maphorisa concluded on his tweet. #ladi_jaja?

By: Mpho Khena.

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