Ga- Rankuwa, 8280 Zone 4, January 6, 2018 — Otsile “Gigantic” Pelo will be celebrating his 21st birthday, in Ga- Rankuwa which is a town located twenty minutes outside the Pretoria CBD. DJ Gigantic as he’s popularly known has thrown two previous bashes and this one is aimed to be the biggest yet. The event is held every first Saturday of the year and it’s also an opportunity for the participants to assist under privileged learners with uniforms and school shoes.

DJ Gigantic’s annual birthday celebration was initially about providing a platform for undiscovered artists, since the first installment this event has grown to be a positive influence on everyone who has participated. This year, the event’s main goal is to be more proactive in the community by involving participants in collecting and donating school uniforms and shoes for under privileged school children.

The criteria is easy and straight forward, those who are interested and capable are encouraged to buy or even collect old school uniform and drop it off at the venue on the day of the event. The uniform can be for any school specifically those in Pretoria and preferably those based in so called developing communities (Townships).

After the event DJ Gigantic along with interested entities will head out to schools which uniforms off were donated to go drop of the parcels. This is intended to be the inception of an on-going initiative and further means will be taken to collect more uniforms after the event. Those who are interested in being part of this initiative are requested to contact the number below.


So this is what will be happening on this day:-


The MC’s will be,

Mawisa (TUT FM) | MCM (SMU FM) | Mpho Rapeu (Ga-Rankuwa Comedians) | Desbu Mnisi (TUT FM)


Your DJs are,

Playmaster | MosD | Dijo | Tzee |Jab Juice| Erm Squared | Nqoobi | Lady Cheeks | Small T | Touch | Biggy SA & Monkten | Xolani | Marvin M | Main K |DeBaze Riegal


Our Entertainment on Stage,

Pontsho | Benny Cray | D’Boy’Figure’Ego | Corner Joint | Massive Tone | Jay Swagg | Tryo | Power Circle | On1Gang | PK


Powered by Gigantic | MawisaEntertainment | POTLA | iRepCapCity | Dxcliples CB | Pause Play PTA | Str8 Mate


ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS, come through, if you can bring school uniform or shoes even better!!!


For more information:

Name: Kabelo Mafole

Tel: 081 448 6798

E- mail:




  • January 2, 2018 at 7:40 am

    wish you all the best my guy, whn you free come through!!!!


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