A resident of Klipgat  in Mabopane by the name of Neo Moyo on Sunday around 6 pm, lost everything in a horrific fire which is allegedly believed to had been started by a lady from Lesotho. Moyo said on Sunday evening he was chilling nearby at a place called Themberland when he received an urgent call from a community member telling him that his shack is on fire.

Upon arrival he found everything was set alight and destroyed including his, lD document, bank cards, academic statements, and other important documents. Moyo said this was not the first attempt on 16 June someone tried setting his shack alight. He suspects this was caused by the fact that his cousin was allegedly dating the suspected lady’s husband.

This is believed to have made the suspect bitter and seek revenge which happens to be posed on him because she believed he was the mastermind who made this relationship succeed. Moyo explained that on June 16,  this lady hired men to attack him eventually he was able to retaliate, won the fight but that did not please them and she went to an extreme and allegedly set his shack on fire.

On the first attempt, he allegedly lost his clothes, bed, and blankets. The people he had fought with opened a case of assault against him, he also opened a case and was only arrested for four days. The suspected lady couldn’t be reached to respond to these allegations. In conclusion, Moyo said police arrived a few minutes later and told him to report this incident to the officer who was dealing with the first case.

Unfortunately, Mr. Molao who is handling this case couldn’t be reached by the time this story was published.

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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