Earlier this week young people from Mamelodi marched to some private companies operating in the area, saying young people from the area have no access to work opportunities. They are calling for an end to unemployment in the area. The group asked the private sector to play a role in employment and skills training opportunities for the youth.

“Our memorandum contains skills transfer, learnership, social responsibilities in locations because we believe SAB, and Ford are the big companies that generate a lot of tax from the taxpayers,” says one of the organisers Joel Modiwke.

“We are concerned that the youth around Pretoria, especially Mamelodi are not employed but people from far away are getting employment while we are staying in townships doing nothing and we have qualifications but we are not recognised,” he added.

According to Statistics South Africa (StatsSA), the country’s unemployment rate it s the highest since the start of the Quarterly Labour Force Survey in 2008. “People are being employed through connections where else we have the qualifications but we are unemployed.” Said one of the protesters.

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