The Prinpal of Brindhaven Primary School in Hatfield, Pretoria, is accused of allegedly neglecting Covid-19 regulation safety measures. This is after one of the learners tested positive for Covid – 19 on Tuesday,  the 2nd of June 2021. The headmaster allegedly didn’t shutdown the school nor send learners home as required.

“I personally think the principal is ignorant, he is expected to protect leaners from those who are affected with this virus. One learner tested positive on Tuesday, however the principal did not take any Covid19 safety measures. He sent the learner home to quarantine, and ordered the assistant teachers to sanitize the classrooms whilst our children were outside in the cold,  he instantly sent the learners to their respective classrooms, without shutting down the school or send learners home as required. What worries me the most he seems not to be concerned about this issue, as a Principal it is his duty to protect learners at all costs. I am not bringing back my son until the school is properly fumigated,” said one of the learner’s mother that chose to remain anonymous.

The Principal of the school said that “ The is no procedure stating that I must shutdown the school when learners tests Positive for Covid19. We required to sanitize the environment and send the positive learners home and continue with our daily classes. Immediately when we  found that the learner is positive we called all learners to the assembly to address them whilst my colleagues were sanitizing and we sent them back to their respective classroom.”

A confidential source said “The headmaster is incompetent and ignorant, he is risking with our child’s lives by doing so. He was expected to release our children to prevent them from being infected. Action had to be taken there and instantly, Covid19 tests should be conducted to find out if they are not infected in the meantime they should quarantine. This issue has to be taken to the department of education “As we are awaiting for the response from the District. The parents are pleading with the principal to shutdown the school and conduct a test for other learners after a week to find out if they are also infected or not. They also said proper fumigation has to take place. #ladi_jaja?

By: Mbali Mabena.

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