Tsireledzo Mavhungu is disgruntled following his enrolment with Ri shumela venda driving school based in Mabopane. He joined the school in June 2019 and was told he would have to pay R6000 which he paid in a period of three months. Mavhungu alleges that after paying the requested fee the driving school stopped giving him lessons. He says he was then told he is ready to go for the test. “He said he booked for me but on the said day he ignores my calls only to reply the next day with excuses.” Mavhungu said.

Mavhungu said he was in Pretoria, Soshanguve for a short while having come to study. His course was coming to an end on December and informed the driving school he would be leaving to go back home in Limpopo. He says he then requested to be refunded even if it was 50% of the money he had paid. In January he says he was forced to return to Soshanguve and requested the driving school to book for him but that didn’t materialize again.

“My parents are now complaining about my fruitless stay in Soshanguve and are requesting I return home because they can’t keep paying rent for me while am not doing anything.” He added. Ri shumela venda is a driving school situated in Mabopane opposite the train station. Tsa Pitori contacted the owner of the driving school Phumudzo Selwin Bale Masole in July to get his side of the story and he confirmed he knows the complainant.

“I know the gentleman and yes he came to our driving school, unfortunately he later went back to Limpopo because he said he had received employment. I tried make arrangements to get him booked with another driving school that side but unfortunately the arrangements could not be finalized.” Masole said.

Masole went on to say he will sort out Mavhungu and ensure he gets his driver’s license. However upon doing follow up and continued communication with the complainant we came to find out that allegedly the driving school owner was now ignoring Mavhungu’s calls. “I last spoke to him before the 25th July, he told me he will give me the money on the 25th, then after he went AWOL and ignores my texts even when he’s online.” Mavhungu concluded.

By: Dave Balo

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