Employees of Pharmacy Direct at Centurion, watershed road allegedly discovered that the company they had been working for is not compensating them the way it is supposed to. A confidential source said for over four years she was working as a pharmacy operator and in 2019, she fell pregnant and went to maternity UlF claims to submit her documents to labour and she discovered that her payslip from Pharmacy Direct and the payslip from labour are completely different from what she is supposed to be earning.

Furthermore she explained that according to the form from the department of labour she is supposed to be earning over R7000 per month but her salary at the time was R5000 per month, meaning the company allegedly forged her payslip.

 Last year around August 2020 employees allegedly discovered that the management claimed the UIF Ters money for everyone. When they allegedly approached their CEO, Gawie Erasmus, demanding their money they were given a harsh ultimatum “to either go back to work or go home”. Some employees that were allegedly permanently employed for months were fired for joining a union said a confidential source.

She added by saying some of the  employees who were earning R29 an hour now get R20 an hour because according to their bosses their company was affected by covid-19, they did not make a profit. She further alleged according to an article written by Karl Gernetzky on 14 September 2020 they made a profit of  R178.9million and they will not lose anything by offering the pharmacy operator a minimum of R1100.00 from those millions of rands.

She alleged when you start talking, the management dismiss you, and another issue that they are entrenched with is racism because only line managers positions are given to whites and supervisors. She further alleged that team leaders positions are for black people, and acting black managers filling in those positions without salary increases get replaced by white people.She alleged Pharmacy Direct workers tried to take this matter to the EFF, and that’s when they were promised to pay back the money within few weeks until today nothing was paid back. Tsa Pitori tried contacting Elias Mohale and Gawie Erasmus for a comment however couldn’t bereached for a comment by time of publishing. #ladi_jaja?

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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