On Sunday, a group of people called the Dinho Cafe convoy, allegedly blocked the Mabopane highway and had a party in the middle of the road. The convoy allegedly started in Mamelodi, then went through to Soshanguve, then to Attridgeville. Videos surfaced on social media of the group disrupting traffic while dancing in the middle of the road.

The was no social distancing, no wearing of masks, drinking and driving and they were also disrespecting other road users. Motorists were forced to go around them in order to pass. Dinho Convoy, is an annual event held a week before his 26 December concert as part of the promotion.

One of the mini bus (taxi) involved in the convoy allegedly led to a fatal accident that occurred in Pretoria after a group of people including youngsters, stopped their vehicles on the Mabopane highway and started a party, blocking cars from passing by.

It is alleged that the taxi driver crossed several traffic lights recklessly, without heeding the law, missing a few cars in between before their parade ended with hitting another car and being ejected from their vehicle. The victims who were believed to be extremely drunk were seen lying in the ground, and counterparts were trying to get medical services to help them. #ladi_jaja?

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