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Depression keeps claiming the lives of many many, one of the most common cause of death in our youngsters is depression leading to suicide. In the events of South Africans who have passed on but not forgotten. Christopher Kubheka was found in his home at Soshanguve in Pretoria by his wife Cynthia Khumalo. He left behind his wife and kids, However, during his Memorial Service, her wife expressed that he fathered 24 children, where 10 more kids were introduced on that day.

Few days before his death, he auditioned for a role on Mzansi Magic drama series Ring of Lies. He died on June 12, 2017, at the age of 48, after hanging himself in his house in Soshanguve, Pretoria. Due to a “huge” backlog in the Gauteng provincial forensic services, his funeral service was postponed. In his suicide note, he stated that his suicide was motivated by his wife’s hidden relationship.

He is not the only  victim of depression which leads to suicide, in 2021 there was a girl that suffered from cyberbullying which led to her passing she might have not been a celebrity but  a victim of bullying and depression. A 13-year-old Pretoria girl committed suicide after a photograph was circulated via WhatsApp at her school. Social media must also be looked at because these days most criticism comes from it and people suffer because of it, celebrities after being grilled on social media they fear speaking out about it then end up taking their own live.

 It’s such a shame that the very same people that grill celebrities on social media are also the very first ones to send their condolences to families on these platforms after the passing of one.

Just yesterday another legend passed on, Riky Rick committed suicide. Just last week he was grilled on twitter, more of cyberbullying, today on twitter they are sadden by his passing. He has suffered from depression. May all our South African celebrities who have passed on due to depression Rest in eternal peace they may be gone but we have not forgotten them.

By: Palesa Maneli.

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