Festive season is over and it’s all back to reality. I’m sure you have indulged in a variety of food during December which most of them weren’t good for your health, but then again who cares it was the festive season time to celebrate with friends and families, time to go all wild and crazy. You only live once and the festive season only comes once yearly, so it’s only right that we all have a blast. No one can really blame you for having a good time with loved ones. Let’s face it although we don’t really accept the truth that fried chicken, those chips and the freshly baked cakes are just so hard to resist, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me.

That season is over and we are all back to reality, so welcome to the New Year and of course we are getting back to our old ways, fitness as usual. I’m a fitness freak and anything that can get me to be fit and healthy sure does qualify to have some special space in my heart.  Enough chit chat, let’s get the ball rolling with what I have in store for you.

The importance of eating fruit and vegetables

Pretty sure I am starting to sound like an old granny now, I’m sure you hear this everyday “please make vegetables and fruit your daily living”. Even as a kid your mum would literally force you to eat your veggies, well I didn’t like it much especially cabbage. Like really now, out of all the nice food in the world they forced me to eat cabbage.

Unlike your mum and granny I’m not going to force you to eat anything you don’t like. I’m just going to give out a few pointers on why having a plate full of fruit and vegetables is important. Ever heard of heart diseases? Let’s take hypertension for example, people with hypertension find it hard to live a normal and healthy life, especially when they don’t know how to manage it. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit would decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and as well as minimize the risk of you developing a stroke. A diet rich with vegetables and fruit can help you reduce unwanted fat thus preventing weight gain and heart disease.

Lets jump on to those of you who are exercise junkies who would die to have six packs, eight packs and flat packs, sometimes it takes too much time for you to get the results you are looking for if you rely only on exercise. Well eating a diet rich with vegetables, protein and starch will get you up on getting that six pack. If you are having vision problems or constipation, then try a variety of fruit and vegetables diet.

Experts recommend that your diet should at least contain 3 to 5 types of vegetables and fruits.

These kinds of foods have got the ability to fight a variety of diseases because they contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body to fight off diseases.

In an instant where one has flu or a cold, most of us reach out for any medicine that contains vitamin C, which is also found in citrus fruit such as orange, lemon and apples. If you are still debating this then its fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, after all Pretoria is a free kasi located in a free Country.

Now to all of you friends, let’s get to the fruit and vegetables departments, after all you have nothing to lose and a better health to gain.

That’s it from me, till next time.

Stay super fit.


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