The Police are investigating a murder case of an unknown man that was allegedly stabbed to death by an unknown suspect on the 31st of August 2021, in the bushes between Zone 20 and Tsunami EXT 25 in Garankuwa. It is alleged that another man was found murdered in the same area two weeks ago. The Police spokesperson Shimmi Tsheole has confirmed that a murder case was reported and opened on Tuesday around 20h00 and that the case is still under investigation.

 “ The incident took place in the bushes between Tsunami Ext 25 and Zone 20. The police went to the scene immediately and identified a body of an African black male. Not everything is clear now, however allegedly the suspect used a sharp instrument to stab the victim. The case will remain open, and the police are trying their best to find the suspect,” Tsheole said.

A confidential source said that “This incident happened late last night around 19:30, the guy is someone I know, he was attacked and allegedly got stabbed to death by a unknown person with a screwdriver on his chest. We heard him screaming, thereafter we rushed there and found him lying on the ground already dead. It seems like the person was attempting to mug the victim because that area is the most targeted for mugging especially around those times,”

“ When I got there, I found a dead body lying on the ground. It is alleged that he was murdered by an unknown man in a forest between Zone 20 and Tsunami Ext 25. Two weeks ago, another man was aallegedly found in the same place murdered. These bushes are not safe, people should avoid using that route because these incidents are traumatizing” Another confidential source said.

The police have identified the bushes between Zone 20 and Tsunami Ext 25 in Garankuwa as mugging hotspot and the police has alerted community members to avoid the bushes especially at night. #ladi_jaja?

By: Mbali Mabena.

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