Tsa Pitori was invited to a business networking session organized by Africa Rise movement, I must admit. It was a very enjoyably fantastic day, we all learned a lot from each other that I can bet. The event was such an eye opener, we really need to have such events often especially in the townships. The MMC of Agriculture and Environment Mr. Mike Mukhari explained “we can take trash and turn it into cash, I bet not all know that” so having such events at townships will manifest and produce more entrepreneurs. I was fortunate to have covered the event and wouldn’t mind if I have to be the one presenting on behalf of Tsa Pitori next time.


The business networking session was held at Fountains Valley (Celtis Lapa) what a beautiful and chilled place. Presentations were done, and games to test our minds were played as well. Afterwards we had a Poitjiekos competition, the hardest part was using wood and fire for cooking. Some people couldn’t even start the fire. The cooking completion gave us a chance to chit chat, exchange business cards/numbers and network.


The Africa Rise movement gave young entrepreneurs a platform to present/sell their business, I was surely sold after 15min of being there listening to every presentation. The event could inspire anyone to want to get up and pursue their dreams. Organizations like Forever Living products, Speaker Coach, Mentor Finders and many more gave pin point presentations. The event was mostly for entrepreneurs to network and meet potential clients and associates.


The business networking session took place on the 28th January 2017. The session was attended by different entrepreneurs from different businesses who came together, presented their businesses, networked and shared ideas. Entrepreneurs like Mr. John Molepo, Mr. Vuyi Vuthela and Ms. Nomvula Moloko were amongst the prime organizers of the event and a great job indeed.


I took a lot from attending this business networking session, there is no reason you can tell me now as to why you are unemployed except if it’s due to a medical condition. The MMC taught us a lot about recycling, how to turn trash into cash, the mind is a strange place, try competing with it. You can follow me by liking my Facebook Page The Anointed Verbal Speaker.



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  • February 6, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    I am a fan of yours I hope you know that. Congrats on your first article, sounds like the event was amazing!

    From: Basetsana Legodi😊😉


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