Chef Sakhile Nhlangoti is a 27 year old from Mamelodi East Mahube Valley. He is passionate about the art of cooking and brings fresh cooking ideas, new perspectives, diversity, colour and flavour to any table. He also provides cooking classes for domestic workers and stay at home mothers.

Coming from a traditional family where cooking was left to women made his journey to be difficult. However after his siblings realised his love and passion for food things changed. He has worked at places such as Time Square, TsAfrica catering solutions and and also does private catering.

“This industry is not for the faint hearted as it demands long hours, limited social life but you get to build yourself and understand how beautiful life can be with food.” He says. He also loves singing, writing and creating new ways of making food. He is also working on his cooking book and online TV shows called cooking out of nothing.

Like any other entrepreneur this pandemic has affected him a lot but thanks to technology he uses social media to promote his dishes and attract new customers. People now order food online and that has helped him financially. “I love food to an extent of going crazy if it doesn’t have the right taste and character.” He says. He is a team player, leader and the teams he has worked with for years motivated him to be strong and friendly. #ladi_jaja?

Article By: Phozisa Mandela.

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