Nomsa Masida (42) from Mabopane used to be a quality assurance practitioner by day and a baker at night before she opened the doors to her home baking business, House Of Nom. “I started House Of Nom in 2013, while I was working at a pharmaceutical company in Pretoria. One morning I decided to take the biscuits I had baked to work, to share with my colleagues and anyone who walked into my office. A colleague who seemed to be enjoying my biscuits, asked if I was selling them. I didn’t hesitate to say yes, I saw an opportunity to make a passive income, at the end of the day, I had drafted a menu and price list”, she said.

Before long Nomsa was delivering orders on her way to work, and supplying the canteen at work with a variety of treats (biscuits, scones, magwinya- vetkoeks) amongst other things. “It was when my colleague asked if I bake frosted cupcakes, that led to my decision to resign from work after being in a medical industry for 15 years” she says.

Soon after resignation, Nomsa was confronted with the harsh realities of entrepreneurship. “I did not have the capital to sustain my business, and when my stove broke, I was out of business for a month. Through the support of my family, I was able to reopen to my business. My mother in-law bought me a stove while I was seeking money to invest in an industrial stove”, said Nomsa.

The new responsibility proved to be more challenging that Nomsa had anticipated, it also affected her personal life. “During my trial what I have learnt is planning and a support system is important because entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. I have also realised that I needed to be my number 1, cheerleader. With every completion of a cake I bake, I say to myself “Nomsa O blyine” (Nomsa your good), she said.

“The greatest lesson of all is to believe in yourself, if you can believe it, you can achieve it” she says. I love baking, for me it is a journey to self discovery”, said Nomsa. The cake sculpturing, the adrenaline rush, the stress and finally having a finished cake, not forgetting the smell of vanilla that fills her kitchen are some of the factors that keep her going. “I even use vanilla to fragrance my house when am not baking”, she said.

“I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with others through my Facebook page and WhatsApp group”, she said. The secret recipe to Nomsa’s success is her ability to pay attention to detail and nothing fuels her burning desire like seeing a smile from a happy client. A happy client, a happy Nomsa.


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