They say knowledge is power and he intends to prove just that. Dinonofo Pico a young man originally from Bothitong, Kuruman in the Northern Cape but now based in Pretoria, Hatfield shares the knowledge he has with young future leaders. Dinonofo together with his friend created an online knowledge sharing platform in February 2012, which enables students to get free educational material and tutoring on school and University subjects.

The powerful and inspiring words by Nelson Mandela “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” still remain relevant to this day. He created the online platform after realizing that many kids in the basic government schools do not get valuable information which will enable them to make good educated decisions in dealing with their studies.

He started this platform after personally encountering questions like which career paths are available in physics? Are physicians contributing in the world of technology and more? The focus is not only on physics but in every subject hence they built a platform where students can go and ask the tutors knowledge of a specific subject.

They focus on leaners from basic schools up to University students. “I just wanted to make it easy for students to have access to valuable information, and promote knowledge, idea sharing and collaborations” says Dinonofo Pico.

The best tool to help advance the youth is through education. The platform aims to help kids have ease of access to information because knowledge is the most valuable asset which everyone should have.

Plenty of learners in schools lack information focused on career guidance and career paths, and that’s where the platform steps in. Tutoring in schools and university subjects’ help students in choosing good careers. The platform enables the distribution of knowledge. With this kind of platforms, the future of our young leaders will prevail and South Africa will move forward because of education.

Knowledge is the key to success. Dinonofo said that “he would like to see schools and universities engage more alternative platforms to improve the levels of knowledge sharing “. We hope plenty more of similar platforms will be created because education unlocks closed doors.  For tutoring and valuable information on great career choices visit:



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