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Webster Phasha takes on the streets of Pretoria with his fashionable clothing. A young man who originates from Lebowakgomo in the Limpopo province describes himself as a socialist and philanthropist. He gets his inspiration from Dan Bolzerian. With his target market being the youth, Webster enjoys selling his old thrifted clothes. “I love everything about the business, and the people I meet.” He said.

He has always been a buyer himself, the idea of selling his clothes came about when he realised his friends love his style and always steal his clothes. He started off in the winter back in 2018 with just 5 jackets and the sale went well. “All I wanted was start up capital for another business idea I had but ended up dwelling on the fashion business.” Said Webster. He fell in love with the sense of style different people had and the energy they showed towards his collection of clothes. He was amazed by how fashion connected him with his customers.

His big dreams for the business include it getting bigger with size, not necessarily going into a building or mall, but having enough resources to operate like any other retail store. He aims to push his clothing line to be a tourist attraction store, to be known worldwide. Like any other businesses, relationships must exist. In his case of selling on the street, he’s got a relationship with homeless people in Pretoria, Arcadia. He often provides them with clothes, especially in winter.

“To run an informal business is very easy, all you have to do is show confidence and no shame.” He said. Webster has so much love and passion for what he is doing. He sees the business growing into something big. Being a young entrepreneur and your own boss is fulfilling, but one always must always be on their toes and have plans to either grow the business or merge it with something else that attracts more and different customers. Webster’s next business plan is to open a restaurant. “I want to feed and clothe people.” He adds


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