Following the water shortage that hit some parts of Pretoria from last week, due to the ageing infrastructure. Tshwane Municipal has been busy with the pipes maintenance. Mamelodi was one of the affected areas which was affected by water shortage, while the municipal was repairing the pipes that erupted. Residences had it hard during the repairing of these pipe bursts.

 “Now that the water has returned, we’re still attempting to replace the water pipes that ruptured when the water was restored’’ said Siobhan Muller, a East ward councillor.

Tshwane Mayor in December in 2021 he mentioned that the metro suffered from ageing electricity and water infrastructure. Which is what the city is still currently facing but the municipal is working towards getting all that fixed which is a good thing for the residences of Pretoria who are affected by the undergoing situation. 

“We want to start with a pipe replacement project in Tshwane which is something that should have been done decades ago’’ said Williams. The metro has begun rebuilding pipes, but the national treasury provided funds for a substantial portion of the project in Tshwane.  Metro asked to the national treasury for R3.4 billion in funding for a water infrastructure upgrade.

By: Palesa Maneli.

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