Human settlements MMC Abel Tau has warned residents not to fall victim to a false document that claims to have been issued by the City of Tshwane housing department. The document encouraged people from region 1-7 who applied for RDP houses from 1999-2019 to come forward. Further stating they must bring a “database form (C form), ID, marriage certificate, birth certificate of dependents, proof of income or an affidavit if not receiving an income, proof of residence and special needs receipts (if applicable)”.

It said people must deliver all the documents to Tshwane House. Tau said the document was fake and that no such notification has been issued by the city. He urged residents to always be vigilant of fraudulent activities and not to pay anyone to process any such applications.“ The National Housing Needs Register (NHNR) is the only legitimate platform to register for an RDP house. People who have registered or wish to register for RDP houses, including those who need to update their personal details, are advised to visit their nearest regional office to do so.”

He said the metro would like to warn those who are peddling such false information that these actions were criminal. “The public is advised not to fall for this scam and to contact the City of Tshwane whenever they come across such notices. All official communication from the City of Tshwane is issued through formal communication channels.”

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