The Northern Pretoria Development Scheme (NPDS) was established at 381 Eefuees street, Pretoria North as a joint church and community service initiative during 1993 as the concerned citizens of Pretoria North in cooperation with churches identified the need amongst the community.

NPDS was also established to assist the people in the community with social, economic, and spiritual development. Several families and individuals have been dependent on NPDS for many years.

NPDS solely depends on donations by residents and churches as it is registered as a non-profit organization with the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Their mission is to uplift and provide support to the underprivileged, disabled, unemployed individuals and families in Pretoria- North. They have special projects to bestow them with necessary skills, support to alleviate their material & spiritual needs.

Their activities include:

Preparing/distributing food parcels

Preparing cooked meals

Obtaining and distributing baby formulas/food

Household equipment

Presentation of Life Skills lectures

Convening of Bible Cell Group meetings

South African council on Alcohol also renders services with the social workers of the Christian Social Board (CBS)

They also have projects that are focus on providing employment for women to generate an income which are making jewelry, baking cookies, sewing, knitting, making handmade paper. Fabric painting, managing a gift shot and selling secondhand clothes.

Their outreach projects are serving patients coffee and tea at the Jack Hindon Street clinic and providing soup to children in Pretoria North Genadeplass.

By Mamsi Nkosi

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