Women are known to wear many hats. Juggling between careers and family, often with little time to spare for themselves. Siyabonga Mthimunye founder of Adventures for fun in collaboration with Sky Water, Tasty Elements and Random Canvas invite you to Rustig women’s day hike, on Saturday the 10th August 2019. The hike serves to express love and gratitude towards the contribution of women in the society.

Siyabonga says that the hike commemorates the voices of women that are unheard and it is also a celebration of women who continue to break barriers in their pursuit of success. He also hopes that the hike provides a platform for them to express themselves without fear of being judged and it creates a thread of sisterhood that will enable them to build each other.

Mthimunye says, Adventures for fun seeks to stimulate confidence in women. He also believes that connecting with nature does not only improve one’s physique but it nurtures ones spiritual being. To experience the best of Rustig trail, contact Siyabonga Mthimunye on 0786151087. Tickets sell for R250.00

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