The Tshwane Metro Police Department has welcomed the sentencing of a cable thief to three years’ direct imprisonment. The 24-years old Malawian  caused non-technical losses, which include about 80m of copper cable in his possession and vandalism which cause huge damage to infrastructure and result in power outages for residents in the city.

Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) has welcomed the three-year prison sentence handed to a copper thief in the city of Tshwane and hopes this will send a stern warning to those who are involved in cable theft. The thief was arrested on 11 April 2021 by TMPD cable Theft unit members, who found him with 80M electrical copper cables.

He was charged with tempering with infrastructure and cable theft at the Pretoria Magistrate’ Court. The perpetrator was handed three years of direct imprisonment for the crime. The TMPD has a team dedicated to combat cable theft and praised the community for protecting the infrastructure against vandals and assisting in the arrest of the thief by reporting cable theft.

“We welcome the sentencing handed of the thief, which we hope  will send a warning to those who are involved. “The cable Theft Unit works around the clock to catch culprits and would appreciate any assistance from the public as this crime has devastating effects on communities,” Tshwane Metro Police said through their Communication Unit. “To report cable theft, the public contact the TMPD on 012 358 7095/7096,” TMPD concluded.

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