On Tuesday Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane, Cllr Randall Williams, along with law enforcement agencies raided Sunnyside implementing City bylaws and checking for valid business licenses. Amongst others “Ideal coffee shop” in Sunnyside which actually sells liquor and their liqour license expired three years ago was closed down. Meanwhile health inspectors checked for expired products in different stores around the area.

Today the work to clean Tshwane continued with law enforcement operation in Arcadia and Sunnyside.  Fines were issued, warnings given and closed non compliant businesses. They also tackled illegal street traders, who were instructed to apply for permits.

Williams said “We have followed up and closed down again the Sunnyside liquor outlet “Ideal Coffee shop” for failure to comply with health and safety regulations, we shut other shops as well. We are serious with this law enforcement operation, we must clean up our City. So we will follow up and ensure there is compliance.”

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