The Cap City rapper and producer Philemon Cube affectionately known as Fya Philly has captured the hearts of many with his acquired taste in fashion and international sound that crowned him the first winner of #OMWGwap rap competition in 2016. He is hailed as the best rapper in universities across the country. Coming from a musical family, Philly has always been singing since his childhood. He also played in an Afro soul band with his uncles, which he attributes his love affair with music too.

“Growing up I used to play in an Afro soul band with my uncles- Peace and love selectors. It is here where my music career started and I also learnt a lot. They gave me a platform to express myself.” He said. He adds that it was in his teenage years when he was bitten by the hip hop bug. “Like my peers, I was largely influenced by international artists like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and others but it was Migos that fueled my passion. I loved how they created a new sound that dominated the industry, influenced by old school classics to create something new and current”. He said.

It was the years that he spent in London that would later lead to his music career in Mzansi, making him one of the best emerging rapper and producer in the country. He has shared the stage with the finest talent in Mzansi such as Amanda Black, Ltido and Kwesta just to name a few. “I went to London to further my studies and during my time there, I learnt a lot about myself and that the world can be a cold place and that only the brave survive.” He said.

“I was also captivated by the street culture- the graffiti art, street fashion and soon I was swallowed up by underground cyphers. This helped sharpen my talent and in essence something we often take for granted- my identity. I am not one for clichés, but the expression “be yourself because everyone else is taken” is my favorite because of the message it carries, it encourages individuality, something so rare to find.” Philly said.

As his stage name suggests Fya Philly, loosely translates a light up blunt (weed) given to him by his mentor Reggae musician Dezarie. He has a burning desire to become part of the generation that challenges the narratives and encourages the masses to own their identity. “Art is a powerful medium that has allowed me to have a voice and express myself through fashion and music. If there’s one thing I would like for my supporters to take away from my music is to celebrate being unique, and never be afraid to express themselves.” He said.

With over half a million reach on his social media platforms, Fya Philly has proved that with passion, hard work and consistency, success is only a step away. You can follow Fya Philly on his social media platforms Facebook: fphyllyated, You Tube: Philemonster1 and Instagram: Fya Philly.

By: Megan Sello.


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