As mentioned on our previous article we will be using this platform to engage youth doing well in their different fields of expertise to share their experience and secrets for success. On this episode we are talking to Aemo E’face a talented musician and entrepreneur who has traveled the world showcasing his talent. This talented individual started his music career as a member of a gospel rap group and went on to sign with a Canadian record label Otown. Whilst signed to Otown he opened for KCI & JOJO on their east and central Africa tour which included countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya.

Throughout his journey Aemo has learned a lot and has had the privilege to travel the world and engage youth from different geographical locations. During our interview Aemo emphasizes on the fact how youth in Mzansi(S.A) are comfortable in their own space and hardly take advantage of the resources and opportunities at their disposal. He speaks of how youth from other parts of the continent have managed to come to Mzansi(S.A) and become a success due to the amount of work they put in their different crafts. Come to think of it with the support government is offering to youth venturing into business and those who wish to enhance their academic standards compared to other parts of the continent you have to agree with Aemo.

Don’t get me wrong our beloved country is far from being perfect, but our best chance of changing our problems rest in our ability to change ourselves. As young people we need to take responsibility for our lives because believe it or not this world owes you nothing, as much as you’re not doing anyone a favour by being average. When asked to share his secret to success Aemo had this to say “taking necessary risks, learning from others and my mistakes along the way, and one should always  dare to be different, set trends don’t always follow and to top it off put in the extra word”.


We then asked Aemo why the youth in S.A aren’t successful and his perception was rather a fascinating one he had this to say “they follow trends a lot and try keeping up with what the rest of the world is doing, they need to volunteer a little bit more so they can gain the necessary experience and get the skills”. So there you have it guys according to Aemo the ball is in your court you can be successful or remain as you are the choice is yours. Aemo is currently working on his new album alongside the talented producer and vocal trainer Alexis Faku owner of Black Gravity Entertainment Company which is due for release soon.

Aemo E’face is an international artist and has blessed different parts of the world with his fresh sound which he defines as Pop-Rap with an element of both genres. He believes that Mzansi(S.A) Hip Hop industry is headed towards the right direction and with vast talent that we have, greater things are coming our way. This talented soul is a true refection that hard word pays off and you can achieve everything you set your mind on. Apart from music Aemo also does marketing which complement each other very well.

The beautiful thing about music is that it transcends all racial boundaries and can help make the world a better place. Aemo shares this sentiments hence his dream is to unite the world through music “many conflicts of the world are due to lack of rhythm, lyric, and education if I can make one person at a time dance, then the world would be a much better place” said Aemo. If you’re still wondering Aemo is his governmental name and E’face is more spiritual it means to see evil before it happens. If you would like to be in touch with Aemo catch him here:

Twitter: @aemoeface

Instagram: Aemoeface

Facebook: Aemo E’face

Google+: Aemo E’face

That’s all we had for you from this edition of Generation Excellence I hope you learned a lot from our guest and you are inspired to be great. Until next time when we will be hosting another successful young person do best and be great. This are the last words Aemo had to share with the rest of the universe “Could we all just get along? If we can’t love then let us just tolerate each other. No one is perfect.”


By: M.D.B

Edited By: K


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