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Hello friends of Mawisa. Allow me to dish nothing but the best entertainment news within Pretoria. #kasivibes #mamelodi #ladijaja? Today I’m pleased to be having Fish Bafana as known to his peers, he’s the man behind Boroko Keng? Sit back and relax as we get to know more about his hustle and most talked event called Al fresco.

•••Hot Box with Fish Bafana •••

Q. Greetings and welcome to Tsa Pitori Online Magazine. How are you doing?
A. Hello I’m doing well thanks.

Q. First and foremost kindly tell us about the services you render?
A. Boroko Keng is company that’s currently growing and at the moment we do events where we showcase some of the local talent we have, and we also do clothing.

Q. Kindly explain what is Boroko Keng?
A. Boroko Keng is brand committed in the upliftment of local DJ’s and artist. It basically reminds people not to sleep on their dreams, we strive to promote and encourage hard work amongst the youth in everything they do and it’s also a clothing brand.

Q. What inspired you to go down this route?
A. The brand started one day when we were studying and one of our peers wanted to sleep and we didn’t allow him, we kept on saying Boroko Keng? And I’m happy to say that not sleeping that day made us pass our exam. So after I saw how trendy the name was I decided to take it further and do something about it

Q. Your events are mostly based in Mamelodi, any chance of hitting other kasis?
A. We have visited Tembisa at Caprivi and Atteridgeville. We plan on expanding more to other provinces in 2015.

Q. So if you were to compare this event to all other events you’ve done what would you say is different about this one?
A. This is our first outdoor event, all of our events have been at clubs,  due to a high number of people attending we decided to make it outdoors to eliminate the issue of space plus its December.

Q. What should people expect from attending Al Fresco?
A. We have guest DJ’s and one of them is part of the nomination list for the Hip Hop Awards. We’ve also decided to cater for everyone by bringing Hip Hop and House together on one stage, it’s the best of both worlds. We want everyone who will be there to experience BK(Boroko Keng) vibe, we expect a great atmosphere with everyone having fun and enjoying the day and night experience of the event.

Q. Where can people get tickets tsa(for) Al Fresco?
A. They can simply go to our Facebook page and see who is selling in around their area, or order through our website

Q. Thank you so much for giving us the time to talk to you, anything you want to add?
A. We don’t sleep we only take naps.

Q. Where can people get hold of you?

A. Twitter: @borokokeng

Facebook: Boroko Keng


Cell: 0711994402

My dearest friends there’s no way you can miss out on the Al Fresco event.
It’s the most talked about event ever to hit the streets of Mamelodi, walala wasala(you snooze you lose). Purchase your ticket support local, we all know local is lekker. Fish Bafana has said it all, let me not jinx things.

NB: Its December already do party safe and be cautions at all times.

Nothing but peace, love and blessings upon you all.
Until next time.


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