A man known as Gift Sebiloane has shared his experience on how he lost his car on the 28th of May 2021, at Winterveld, Pretoria. Gift was caught in an internet car buying scam in which he lost his BMW 1 series.He said that “I advertised my car on a popular website and a man that contacted me and introduced himself as Pieter Ramahoko claiming to be interested in buying my car”

“Thereafter the man requested a meeting to negotiate the prices, for test driving and he also requested the pictures of the vehicle, I agreed to what he is requesting. A day after I met up with his  daughter who introduced herself as Lesedi Ramahoko instead of the original buyer, However he called and transferred the money immediately  as promised, thereafter I gave his daughter access to the car,”

Hours later after Gift sold his car.he said “ When I checked my bank balance the money was no longer there and it seemed like it was never in my account, that’s when I realized that there is something wrong. I  immediately went to the bank where they told the was no money in my account, I was scammed.”

“ I contacted my tracking company and they were able to trace my car  and it was found at Winterveld in Pretoria. Thereafter they immediately took it to Winterveld police station, it was not damaged but the criminals managed to run away. I never thought it could be me,  Gift Sebiloane the scam victim said.

Winterveld police commissioner Arron Mabuza said that “ As people we no longer want to visit dealerships. Several internet buying fraud cases are reported daily in the police  station in large numbers, people must be extra careful when they are buying  cars online, as police officers we are trying  the best to trace and arrest this criminals. The police station officer and the scam victim are alerting people to be aware of the internet scammers. It is advisable for people to buy cars from a legitimate dealerships to avoid being victims of internet buying scams.

By: Mbali Mabena.

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