I am a firm believer of the phrase nothing is impossible and on this issue I get to talk to a clear reflection of the phrase itself. We are living in a time masked by multiple social ills and only a few young people are willing to take the stand and not only speak but also act against these epidemics. However when one comes upon a passionate and goal driven young person it’s paramount to pay due respect and applaud such boldness.

Shortly after moving to Pretoria from Johannesburg in 2009 Given Mabunda got the opportunity to visit Tshwane FM as a guest and this sparked his love for radio. He loved every bit of his visit to the radio station and there and then could see himself behind the microphone in the near future. This was more than just a dream as he hustled for a few radio gigs and he started off as a guest DJ for Tshwane FM. In one of my favourite books by Paulo Coelho there’s a passage that reads “If you want something with all of your heart, the forces of nature conspire to help you get it”.

It was in 2012 when Given Mabunda otherwise known as Littleman was afforded the opportunity to host his first show on Tshwane FM called Rockafella. Shortly after that in 2015 he was then promoted to host the drive time show just at the age of 19 as he also enrolled to enhance his studies at varsity. He has now been hosting the 3pm – 6pm show successfully for two years called CapCity Drive. The highlight of his career came in 2017 when he took a leap of faith during his mid-term school holidays by venturing to Limpopo where he was afforded the opportunity to host a graveyard show on Capricorn FM called Soul Connection from 12am – 3am.

It hasn’t always been pineapples and grapes for Littleman as there are always challenges in any career one chooses to pursue. For Littleman the challenge he has encountered a lot has been with event organisers at some of the gigs he plays at. “Look, challenges are everywhere, it’s how you respond to them that matters, as a DJ, I used and still face challenges of fees, people don’t want to pay but expect quality”-he says.

Littleman always strive for excellence and positivity, apart from all the pressure that comes with being a Club DJ and radio presenter he epitomizes a good role model by staying clean of drugs and alcohol. He always takes charge of his own destiny by hosting events one of those which has grown popular with the crowds is a cars and music show he hosts with an old time friend called Global Kooling. His short and long term goals include completing his studies, moving to a commercial radio station and being booked all over the world as a DJ.

In closing this is the advice Littleman would like to share with everyone reading this “Focus on the bigger picture, always respond to situations positively , go an extra mile for what you believe in, respect time, always be yourself, don’t try sound like another personality but yourself, dream outside south Africa”.

From your most reliable source of local content we hope this was inspiring to you as it was for us #ladi_jaja?



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