Greetings to friends of Mawisa and readers of @Tsa_Pitori at large. It’s good to be back indeed however with slight changes like the name of my column from #kasivibes to #Entertainment Dose with Mawisa but no need to panic just enjoying the new changes.

Well we kick start the year by talking to Lloyd Nkanyane an assistant CEO and PRO of MonKeyBizniz,  an events and artist management company based in Pretoria, to talk about the event that took Mabopane by storm.


Q. Hello Lloyd and how are you doing? Welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine.
A. Thank you Mawisa for the invite.

Q. How’s the hustle been to you?
A. The hustle has been good and bad but we keep on going.

Q. Let’s talk about the recently held Jmas birthday celebration. If I’m not mistaken it’s been 3 years already since the event was founded?
A. Yes Jmas birthday celebration has been in existence for 3 good years.

Q. Zygos pub and grill has been home for Jmas birthday celebrations, why not any other establishment?
A. We chose Zygos because of the great relationship we have with the establishment and it is our sponsor for the event.

Q. With that said how do you keep the momentum of the event consistent? Please share with us.
A. To keep the momentum going is simple we do our research on which artists to bring, and we invite local Djs and performers. Last year we had Emtee and Nasty C they were still fresh in the game and nominated for the Metro FM Awards. This year we had Sjava and Saudi still fresh in the game and Sjava is nominated for the Metro FM Awards #MMA16 so we keep it fresh every year.

Q. Would you say the event does satisfy your followers by giving them a full entertainment package?
A. I would say we always have successful events producing positive results.

Q. Before we can say goodbye what can we expect from MonkeyBizniz this year?
A. More fresh local talents, more great events like our annual Jungle Fever and #ImNotADj Exclusive Celebration to name a few.

Social Platforms/Booking Info

Facebook : MonKeyBizniz

Twitter: @MonKeyBizNiz_Sa

IG : MonKey_BizNiz_Sa

•• The End ••

Clearly the future looks bright for this hardworking team that keeps elevating their hustle so that they can enjoy the results and make Mabopane great. It takes a lot of courage and discipline to pull off such an event, yes a few glitches are expected to appear but then everything just falls into place at the right time at the end of the day.

I’m already looking forward to another event hosted by them, if you missed it then make a date with them next time. Remember to make #2017 great by taking those dreams and turning them to reality. Nothing is as beautiful as following your dreams, though the road might be bumpy just hold on. Lloyd concludes our conversation by saying “it’s important to set your goals, stay focus and believe in what you’re doing”.

Nothing but God’s Love, Peace and Blessings upon you all. Love Mawisa.



Edited By: @DAVE_BALO

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