A very warm welcome to another installment of the entertainment dose with yours truly Mawisa and your premium portal to all things infotainment. This time around we got a chance to have a chat with Mpho Glory Bokaba from Soshanguve Pretoria. The brains behind make up kit Laflorette, as she tells us about her hustle.

** Entertainment Dose with Mawisa Q&A**

Q. Hello and welcome to Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine. How are you doing?
A. I am very well thank you.

Q. Let’s start at the inception take us through your childhood?
A. Growing up as a child I used to be very shy and reserved didn’t have much confidence in myself but I loved pretty things. I grew up in church and I was raised by a single parent which is my mother, I grew up in Soshanguve attended my primary as well as high school there. I was a happy child overall. Jesus was the only best friend I knew, I knew how to pray and I spent most of my time in church up until now Jesus is thee greatest man I know.

Q. Tell us about a typical day in your life?
A. I am a beauty consultant intern for Edcon. I just have a normal working life until I have to knock off and focus on my business that’s the abnormal part (laughs) but I love every minute of it. When I prepare for work I spend an hour or more doing my make up after bathing then it’s off to work.

Q. Have you ever thought you would supply your products in places like Eastern Cape and Limpopo. Do you wish to expand and supply other provinces?
A. I never thought of it hey it came as an exciting yet scary feeling and a hustle to choose a proper courier company but so far I’m still supplying local salons and yes I wish and pray to expand.

Q. What have you taken from your journey and endeavor?
A. What I have taken from my journey is to never underestimate the power of taking a risk. I took a giant leap of fate from a single piece of lipstick to a thousand. Whatever you put your mind on you can achieve.

Q. How has direct marketing impacted your sales?
A. Direct marketing is boss because you get to interact with your clients face on and you can thoroughly explain about your products and answer questions arising so I’d choose direct marketing any day. Instant sales go on a scale of 50 is to 100 when you’re selling directly and advertising your products using word of mouth, so direct marketing helps a lot with sales, period.

Q. You have recently rebranded how has that impacted your business?
A. (sighs) Rebranding has drained me financially, but it’s a must for me to rebrand my products because presentation and image is everything. Clients like beautiful well-presented and well packaged things so I needed that for my company’s image and I just want it over and done with but once we do expect all things pretty. My brand needed a face lift and that’s exactly what I’m giving it.

Q. Any beauty tips you can share with our readers?
A. My advice is for woman to use more organic and natural products lemon juice plus honey creates a flawless skin, egg white gives your skin a velvet look so the more natural products you use the more prettier your skin will look.

Q. How has it been so far juggling being a make-up artist and an entrepreneur?
A. Juggling my life as a makeup artist and an entrepreneur has been challenging but I had to create a flexible way of doing things like work by appointment and try to not merge my marker dates with my bookings. I also got myself an assistant who was helpful a lot, she takes care of the business when I’m not there then I take over when I knock off from work, so she makes my double life (laughs) easier and flexible.

Q. Before we wrap up as you are a young lady what’s your message to all woman out there especially with the ordeals we have been seeing recently?
A. My message to all the woman and mothers is that God created you to be like gold and like gold you shall be treated. I salute you.

** The End**

When asked about challenges she faces in her hustle. This is what she had to say ” the challenges of being a young entrepreneur is that no one believes in you nor your dreams, no one wants to help you financially like investing in your business they feel like you’re going fail and their money will be wasted, I mean they’ve already judged you no matter how good your proposal is they’ll still make you feel inferior. It’s quite a challenge if you have to use the profit you make to maintain a business it’s quite draining but after all we all have to start somewhere.”

Make-up by Laflorrette consists of the following products:
• 24 hour matte lipsticks
• 24 hour retro matte lip glosses
• Normal shinny lipstick
• Lip balm pout
• Batom stick lipsticks
• Nail polish normal and Matte Makeup on request

Mpho also offers makeovers as well as makeup services for any occasions on booking.

Nothing but God’s love, peace and blessings upon you #ladi_jaja?



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