The former treasurer in the ANCYL and YCL has opened a business academy to create a better society and an improved economy.

If there is one thing you can be sure of with Prof Louis Mokonyane (35), is that the academy is going to be a success. Louis the founder and group executive chairman of the Tshwane Business Academy has a PhD in entrepreneurship. He is nothing but a great invaluable tool for the academy alongside his business partner and academic director Mohau Thopola.

Louis has all the right credentials for the academy as he obtained his PhD in entrepreneurship from Harvard business school in 2013. He is a business consultant, he was the president for the youth consultancy programme (2009-2011), responsible for implementing programmes, ensuring that they co-ordinate, facilitate, advocate and monitorafswqesw the mainstream of youth entrepreneurship development and policies within the Gauteng provincial government. Furthermore, he was also part of the Soshanguve Chamber of Commerce and Industry where he was the president and lastly, he is a public speaker.

The motive behind Louis starting a business academy came up when his proposal to the Harvard business school was denied, which was to establish a branch in South Africa. Then he started his own legacy (The Tshwane Business Academy, which is situated in Soshanguve block H,Thulasizwe P School).

TBA(Tshwane Business Academy) cost Louis close to R 120 000 to get it on its feet and started to operate back in November 2014.They started by offering short programmes until they were fully accredited in 2016 to offer further education and training certificates. Getting accreditation was a very long road for them as it took over 18 months (1 and half a year) to get obtain.


Tshwane business academy had close to 45 students when they started operating and the numbers are increasing greatly although they are still marketing and branding in order to get more students.

The mission of the academy is not just about students but it’s also about contributing to national growth. “The knowledge base vested in students here can benefit the whole country; we want to offer ideas that will help in developing SA, and our vision is to be a leading executive institution in Soshanguve focusing on entrepreneurial training” said Louis.

Tshwane Business Academy has committed and well capacitated lecturers which include Handover Shumba (Diploma in education obtained from the University of Zimbabwe), Mampholo Mogaile (Degree in education obtained from Damelin) and Roland William Greenstein (Diploma in education obtained from UNISA) just to mention a few.

Louis is also keen to increase the school’s capacity to provide executive education to corporate customers that means finding more lecturers full or part time.

The academy already has close to 20 graduates and has produced some reputable graduates. Aaron Munyai, who is also a Tshwane Business Academy graduate has currently ventured into farming he said that he enjoyed being at TBA and he gained a lot from the academy.

TBA offers different educational programmes including

-Business Management
-Financial Management
-Project Management
-Marketing Management
-Customer Relations
-Human Resource Management
-Computer Studies
-Public Relations
-Business Communication
-Office Administration


“I want the academy to provide an invaluable experience to the emerging entrepreneurs and the people with an idea and the courage to make it a reality” said Louis.



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