Lerato Phakoe is a 19-year-old international award-winning author educational activist, CEO, and director of Vivified Blazon, authorprenuer, entrepreneur from Soshanguve.

As the author of  two books- THE KINDNESS PAID WITH PAIN (  fictional story about the difficulties people face on a daily basis, this book motivates readers by reminding them that the turbulence we face in life is not meant to harm us but to help us grow) the second book is FOR THE SAKE OF LIVING ( more of a poetry collection compiled featuring three poets to remind readers of their purposes as it poses the questions ‘Who are you?” this book carries a fundamental message to readers saying that ‘’the mastery of human existence resides not in you just staying alive but in finding something to live for’’) she got inspired to write at a tender age as soon as she discovered her talent and skill of writing , ‘’I write to communicate with the world, share my knowledge and motivate which led to my first book winning an award under empowerment category’’.

She is also the founder of Lerato Phakoe NGO that was established in the early months of 2021 with the goal of assisting learners in need of school uniforms, stationery, toiletries, and books to combat challenges and difficulties learners’ face, ‘’ the NGO fights against obstacles that may affect schools and it also promotes literature as we have a program whereby, we donate children’s books to primary school in Gauteng’’ she said.

As the director and CEO of Vivified Blazon- a private company founded to promote and celebrate talent, the company publishes a magazine featuring youth from different age groups showcasing their talent, skills, and crafts. With their program called ‘’GET ME PUBLISHED SA’’ many unpublished authors get the chance to have their work published without having to pay with the help of fundraising & money raised by the company, another program ‘’TEACH A CHILD TO READ’’ helps children with their reading skills and understanding as the company donates children’s books to primary schools all over in Gauteng.

She is all that she is today because of the effort and determination she had to see and make change in people’s lives, “I saw that if young people like me do not put in more effort where they want to see change,nothing will happen until one stands up and stands out”.

By Mamsi Nkosi

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