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Hip hop artist & music executive producer, Auth3ntiC,
who has worked with artists like P Jay from Benchmarq’s album” is finally coming out with his own music. His debut album is expected to uplift and promote talented unknown artists. Hip Hop has never been about following rules, and this
album translates that.

The music producer is releasing an album titled Do Your Own Thing. It’s a collaborative album for talented young rising musicians featuring well renowned producer Side Effex who has worked with Ifani, Mzekezeke, Brown Dash & more.

One of the songs on the album ‘Baleka’ is about fighting through life’s problems and running away from situations that don’t grow you. Baleka (Run away) was inspired by the xenophobic attacks that happened in 2019. This got Auth3ntiC to collaborate with Lizz Kalo to come up with a song which is an anthem. It’s aim is to change and a advocate for Africans to start working together, being together and helping each other.
South African rap/hip hop artist & executive producer

Auth3ntiC says “The album is purely inspired by me finally putting myself first.” Set to release on 26 June 2020 on all digital platforms, Do Your Own Thing is ready to be the heat that all music lovers have been waiting for.

For more information, contact today. Like Auth3ntiC on Facebook and follow on Twitter @Auth3ntiC_SA.

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