The Atteridgeville community and Pretoria West police are warning taxi commuters to be vigilant following a robbery, which was reported recently. Spokesperson Sergeant Mashadi Selepe said on May the 20th around 09h00 AM a women who boarded a White Quantum from Atteridgeville complex to Pretoria CBD for her pregnancy check-up, was held hostage and robbed off her money.

“When the woman got inside the taxi, there were two men a driver and a passenger in  the front seat, and a woman carrying a child in the seat behind the driver, and there was another guy in the middle seat and the victim sat at the back seat,”Selepe explained. “At West Park next to Danville bridge they dropped a lady with a baby next to a certain crèche, then along the way the men who was sitting in the middle grabbed the pregnant lady on the back seat and pointed her with a gun demanding all her belongings.”

Selepe said the robbers took the pregnant lady’s bank card, cellphone, and money, and then they demanded her pin number for her bank card. They also requested her to login into her banking app to check the balance while she was being threatened. “After some time they dropped one of the robbers at some robots next to the garage where there is an ATM, at that time the driver kept driving around with the lady until the guy who went to withdraw money withdrew all the money in the account estimated at over a R1000.”

The victim said that there was communication between the three suspects, the one on the passenger seat and the driver while they were driving around, threatened the victim  that if the pins are wrong they are going to kill her. She was dropped off next to Laudium at the train station, and her cellphone was tracked using Find My IPhone and located at Mshongo. That clearly shows it was their final stop.

“The victim said there was no registration number on the Quantum,” said Selepe. Police urge commuters to be always alert when boarding a taxi, always check the registration number or any identification in the taxi such as stickers or anything. The white Quantum  usually has three or four occupants, including the driver, and people boarding the taxi are robbed while inside.

By: Mpho Khena.

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