Earlier today the appointed curator together with the Sheriffs of the Court, members of the Hawks and members of the AFU proceeded to certain residential addresses in Sandton, Pretoria, Boksburg, Springs and Sasolburg to execute a provisional restraint order following an application by the AFU. The order was granted on 18 August 2022 by the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division, Johannesburg and identifies assets with an equitable value of R75 million.

The assets include at least 19 immovable properties linked to the accused as well as approximately 115 vehicles which includes 3 trucks. Investigations are ongoing to trace further assets.

The criminal case relating to the matter is proceeding and involves a corruptly awarded contract by the SAPS to a service provider, Instrumentation for Traffic Law Enforcement (Pty) Ltd, for the supply and fitment of blue lights and sirens to Gauteng SAPS vehicles.  

The sole director of this entity is Vimpie Phineas Tlalefang Manthata. Manthata and his entity are accused in the criminal case which returns to court on 02 November 2022. They are joined by several high-ranking officials who were in SAPS employ at the time. These include Johannes Kgomotso Phahlane who was then the acting National Commissioner, Ramahlapi Johannes Mokwena, Nombhuruza Lettie Napo, James Ramanjalum, Deliwe Susan De Lange, Ravichandran Swamivel Pillay, Joseph Maetapese Mulaiwa and Bonang Christina Mgwenya.

The officials, acting in concert, ensured that Manthata’s entity was awarded the contract and was paid approximately R65 million. This amount escalated to present day estimates of R121 million. The SAPS officials were mostly rewarded with cash payments, which in several instances appear to have covered their monthly expenses, leaving their salaries largely intact. The evidence indicates that in certain instances, the reward was in the form of the purchase of luxury cars and expensive clothing and accessories paid for by Manthata.

Investigations revealed that Manthata and certain of the SAPS officials were in constant communication during the procurement and payment process. The communications are linked to the withdrawal of substantial amounts in cash by Manthata and the cash received by the SAPS officials.

Upon conviction the AFU will proceed with an application to institute a confiscation enquiry aimed ultimately at the recovery of the stolen funds in terms of the provisions of Chapter 5 of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998.

The Head of AFU, Adv Ouma Rabaji-Rasethaba, emphatically states that criminals, especially those who are engaged in corruption, will not be allowed to hold on to their ill-gotten gains and that property that is proceeds of crime, will be seized and forfeited.

Issued by:

Sindisiwe Seboka

ID National Spokesperson

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