Mapula Sediba (24) is an African commercial, fashion and beauty pageant model who is currently a Black Barbie ambassador semi-finalist, founder of an online boutique, MaU_GLAM_HUB and MaU_CARE_DRIVE, which is an organization that host events to promote awareness against gender-based violence, woman and children abuse, and the need to support orphanages and grooming aspiring models.

She was born  in Mpumalanga, but currently staying at Mabopane since the age of 2. “ Growing up, I wanted to be a pilot or air hostess because it gives you the opportunity to see other parts of the country and the world at large,” she said. Mapula is also a part-time student at UNISA, model coach, voice over artist, ambassador for Case V and Vicky Dolls hair Growth, and promoter. Challenges she faces sometimes, is when people want to take advantage of her because she is a young woman, and people ask for favours to work with her, and that result to her losing lots of gigs because she refuses.

She mentioned that the only thing she would change about her if possible, it is her family background because it has hindered her from reaching the heights. “ I wished to have reached a lot by now, but because some of the money I get  I have to use it on my family instead of re-investing it on my career,” she said.

Mapula describes herself as unstoppable. Even though she is not a permanent worker  she does voice over, train model, and promotions for extra cash as it helps to maintain herself. She added that her greatest inspiration is her home background as it inspires her to do more, because it shaped her to be the person she is.

“Advice I would like to give to someone looking up to me is, do not suffer from abantu bazothini syndrome (what will people say), be you, do you,  for you, and always remember why you have started”, she said.

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