We are living in a society where the worth of a man is calculated based on his financial accumulation than moral and ethical values. Nowadays what and who you represent counts for nothing if you have no finances to back it up. Our former president Mr Mbeki used to preach of an African Renaissance, the big question is how can we fit such a phenomenon into our daily lives and still remain relevant.

How many artists can you actually point out and say these people represent a generation that takes fate into their own hands “literally”? Well all hope is not lost.  last week we were celebrating what is known as library week that’s if you’re a library user of course. You are probably asking yourself how then does this two subject relate, art and libraries well your about to find out.


Our government has come up with an initiative called IDP Tshwane vision 2055 which will see upcoming artist getting the opportunity to showcase their crafts in local libraries. The purpose of this initiative is to get young people involved in the activities of the library whilst at the same time giving them a platform to show their artistic work.

However all this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for people like Sipho Macu and Alice Baloyi from MACU PRODUCTIONS a company based in Soshanguve Block X. This young and driven people have taken it upon themselves to help empower other young people with the potential to stand out and be an exception in their community.  MACU (Music Arts Culture United) Production amongst others manages talent, creates workshops and hosts events.

This kind of events always adds a lot of value and open doors for upcoming talent, and we definitely need more of such events. Although the exhibition was created mostly for various talents at first it was paintings, drawings and written poetry which were submitted by various artists. Maybe more could have been done to make more people and organisations involved in the initiative, but we also need to acknowledge the organisers for their effort.


Amongst the painters which had their work showcased we had Patrick and Seun who represent Gifted Hands Art and Design Hub. This duo is very talented and I was left wowed after seeing their work in display which can be bought from as little as R500 to R15 000 from the work they brought to the exhibition. What stood out for me is one particular painting called Revillusion which comes alive once taken a picture off (you have to see it to understand what I mean).


All in all it was a great initiative and just ton wrap it off there was a poetry session hosted on Friday the 20th. I hope we will have more events like this in the future whereby we incorporate events like this into the library and ensure the art of learning compliments the art of execution. MACU Production is surely doing something great for the youth and to empower the previously disadvantaged and we can definitely do with more productions like this.

From me it was a nice and an eye opening experience and I appreciate and acknowledge the initiative and effort taken and put into this. Until next time let’s not lose our focus and stay on our hustle it has been a minute since I wrote my last article but more is on its way so watch the space #BUT.

By: M.D.B

Edited By: K


  • April 10, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    Great article you’all guys wrote about the library week. We as the library staff of KTMOTUBATSE also played a major part in organising the event if next time you can mention us as stakeholders.

    We are planning Africa Day celebrations although the details are still scatchy well update u as time goes on.

    • April 10, 2015 at 10:16 pm

      Hi Marvin

      We will try harder to get a list of all the organizers next time around, please drop us an email once you know the full details of the Africa Day event we’d love to attend.


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