We are living in a time where looks almost count for everything. From breasts, hips and butt extensions people all over the world spend billions on looking how they believe is socially acceptable. More than ever before, women are putting themselves under extreme pressure to appear sleek, fashionable and youthful. But has this obsession with how we look gotten too far?

Women want to look beautiful, to some extent the desire to embellish ourselves is in our make- up, using cosmetics, dressing up, wearing pretty colors and spending a little extra time in the bathroom. Girls and women of all ages and class are being pulled tighter into fashion’s grip, spending more and more time, money and energy simply conforming to an increasingly homogenized idea of beauty.

Are modern-day tools such as cosmetic surgery, super speed diet, exercise regimes and over changing high street fashion just another way to celebrate our hard fought independence simply because we are worth it? The truth is feminism has always struggled with this conundrum.

An extreme beauty addict might be unable to open her door to the postman without a full face of make-up. We are all under pressure to look good but what constitutes looking good in this day and age we find ourselves living in?

I’ve done a survey and women spend countless thousands every month just to look or fit into this social norm. The pressure to look beautiful is very high, not only by the general public but by the media as well. You can’t watch television without envying a light skinned thin woman with beautiful hair and clear caramel skin. So it is safe to say that the media has some hold over us girls and women?

It’s you democratic right to look and do with your body whatever you want, however is it worth compromising who you truly are and how you live? There is more to looking good than just permanent alterations which might be health threatening. Take into consideration joining a gym, dress clothes that suit your body shape, go to the salon as often as you can and most importantly have a healthy balanced diet on check.

Here are some celebrities who bleached their skin

  • Diana Ross
  • Halle Barry
  • Iman
  • Lark Voorhies
  • Beyonce
  • Latoya Jackson
  • Lil Kim
  • Nomasonto ‘ Mshoza’ Mnisi

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