Steve Maphoso is a 31 year old visual artist from Soshanguve. He said that he started drawing from an early age and he was inspired by the love he has for nature and black women empowerment “I got an inspiration to sketch from nature as I grew up in a family that loved planting trees and flowers and grass, that’s when I started sketching trees and flowers ” He said.  Maphoso describes himself as an artist that is deeply  ambitious  and passionate about artistic skills.

He said that his passion for art is what kept him going and striving to advance his skills. Maphoso revealed that art is something he was born with, and it heals his soul. The artist also stated that he still has a dream of going to an Art School  “I didn’t study art, I am a self-taught visual artist, however If I could get an opportunity to study art, I would jump on that chance” he said. “I started to take art serious in 2016 when I started to attend art exhibitions and art markets, I have sold few works through art galleries  that’s where I realised I can make it my career

I want to exhibit my work not only local but on a international level as well” he added.Apart from drawing nature, Maphoso also sketches  African women “I also sketch about women. I am inspired by the powerful women who fight everyday in this difficult world we live in”. Maphoso said that he can’t live without art “Art is part of healing and every chance I get, I always paint” he said Maphoso said that he has a dream of growing and being recognised in the art industry “I have not won any awards before, however I still dream of winning a lot of awards in the future” he said. The artist wants his art work to inspire other upcoming artists to never give up and his  work to impact  other  people’s lives.

By: Mbali Mabena.

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