Let’s take a different route compared to the way we usually do things. It might hurt a bit but you should know the truth and it shall set you free and hopefully help you improve. Let’s address the issue of the level of unprofessionalism in our local entertainment industry. I have 1st hand experience of such ill behaviour since I am a writer an all.

This other day I approached a local band with an intention of writing an article about them, since they are fresh & talented. I got hold of  them in time which they then directed me to their PR manager, before I could get to their PR manager it was already late, 2 days before submission day, now that’s sad. I had to come up with a plan B. The band should have directed me to their PR manager first hand, I still fail to understand why there’s a norm that’s going around. It seems like artists are not on top of their game when it comes to publicity and marketing and it has a negative impact on their image.

The problem is some of these artists just want to perform, for them what matters is being on stage.  They are hungry for fame and have a passion for their art. They forget that they should make a living through their music. A team of professionals needs to be assigned to make successful career in music possible. Being a musician is a business, therefore one needs knowledge and professionalism because you are now a brand.

Your lack of professionalism can take away your next pay check or even worse, get you blacklisted within the industry. Then you will blame the industry and not yourself, knowing very well that you did not take your craft serious or give it the attention it deserves. Being responsible for your brand will lead you to focus and run an efficient business. Local artists need to be more hands on when it comes to building their brand it will pay off in the long run.

It saddens me to experience fellow artist’s unprofessionalism on a daily basis. I know they won’t get far or be able to attain another gig to keep their business going. Others might have the right team but fail to follow protocol because of greediness & lack of knowledge. At the end of the day we don’t need excuses but results.

Here are a few pointers shared by songstress Thiwe Mbola on facebook, who also shares the same experience when it comes to unprofessionalism.

•You need to be professional.
•You agent/manager needs to be efficient when it comes to bookings.
•You don’t want to lose a job to someone who was quicker to respond to a client.
•You don’t want to lose a job to someone who feels you don’t take your job seriously.
•Remember that one event could also lead to many more bookings because word of mouth and clients at event might just be your potential clients.
•Treat yourself like a business.

With that said, see you all next week for another dose of #kasivibes.
Nothing but peace, love and blessings upon you all.

Love Mawisa


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