A 53-year-old man, Molefe Bokaba is allegedly accused of pointing a gun and assaulting a patrol officer in Garankuwa, Zone 7, on the 21st of June 2021. His family was attacked by fuming residents. The Bokaba family members told Tsa Pitori that the allegations are false. Phillipine Bokaba, the daughter of the suspect said that allegations made against her father are false and a vendetta to tarnish his name.  

“We were attacked by Garankuwa residents on Monday the 21st, claiming that my father allegedly pointed a gun at a patrol officer, these allegations are false because my father has never owned a gun before. My father is not a violent person. I strongly suspect that one of our neighbours my father has a protection order against is behind all these false accusations and now she is using and misleading the community. As a family we are living with fear because of a selfish woman trying to get back at my father. This issue gets worse every day because my father was denied the opportunity to open a case, hence there is no evidence that he is guilty or not”.

One of the residents that chose to remain anonymous said that “This man is violent, and he is a danger to the community. He deserves to be locked up, how can a normal person go around assaulting and pointing a gun at people threatening  their lives?”

Molefe Bokaba, the accused said “The person who made the allegations is a friend of my neighbour that I have a protection order against.  I am innocent, these allegations are false. I have never owned a gun before neither go around assaulting people, however it is unfortunate that the police cannot help me to prove that these allegations are false. I have come to realise that your enemies can create false stories for others to feel the same way about you. I was a correctional officer five years ago, I know the law and I am aware of the consequences that come with pointing a gun and assaulting people, of which I would not risk. A day after we were terrorised, one of the commuters reached out to me to inform me that they were used.”

One of the neighbours that chose to remain anonymous said that “I was surprised to hear about these allegations against Ntate Molofe because I have never heard, or seen him with a gun or him accused of pointing someone with a gun before. I can say some people cannot fight their own battles; they are using the community to fight back.”

By time of publishing we were still waiting for the SAPS to respond as to whether or why they denied the Bokaba family an opportunity to open a case against the community.

By: Mbali Mabena.

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