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Keoagile Mojafi (24) is the founder of a entity designed and created to help boost businesses to reach more prospects online, to increase events attendance and also to help businesses reach more audience in the ever changing digital world. Mojafi’s passion for the media started since he was still young, however due to some circumstances he never got the opportunity to venture into higher education and study media related courses.

“I never studied anything media related or journalism. However, it is a passion that grows in me with the work I do.” He said. His business venture started two years back because of the love he has for art and music and it has been Mojafi’s dream to be involved in the entertainment industry.

“I started radio plugging two years back while digital marketing and advertising I started with them a year back. I have been working mostly with upcoming artist. I have not yet worked with big names but I am hoping to do so in the future,” Mojafi explained.

He believes that this platform is the future as it stands to be the only platform that is 100% behind talent and entrepreneurs. “I have been running this organisation as a non-profi entity, however in 2021 I Have decided to run it as an official business. I have A special price for my first five clients of radio music distribution and it will be less than R3000. Anyone interested can get hold of me on WhatsApp 084 825 9109, Twitter and Instragram- @lifeofkeoagile and lastly on Facebook- Keoagile (@lifeofkeoagile).” He concluded. #ladi_jaja?

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