On Sunday a man (pedestrian ) was allegedly a victim of a hit and run by an ambulance, the incident took place at Hammaskraal next to Evelyn at the African cave lodge. A confidential source said, “the deceased was a man who was hit by a 911 ambulance and it left him lying on the road with injuries,  and  his head was split apart we could see the brain, skull, cerebrospinal fluid, and his body lying next to the head.”

 The ambulance allegedly did not stop to check the deceased and the community chased it and assaulted the paramedic and his colleague. 

On social media someone said, according to ambulance rules paramedics do not stop until they are at the hospital especially in an emergency and when they’re transporting patients. Another comment said, “ambulance did not have any patients and the paramedics were drunk.”

We couldn’t get a comment from the local authorities as the events that led to this incident were still being investigated by the time the article got published.

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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