Winter is slowly creeping in on us but don’t worry because we have you covered with yet another installment of nothing but the best infotainment on #kasivibes. This week we feature Neo Sehlala, better known as AJ the m’rapper kid of the industry, influenced by a Motswako artist by the name of Chaos aka Mphoza.  Kindly stay glued to the fresh box below, as he shares his journey with us.



Q. Tell us what inspired you to be an artist?
A.I was inspired by a rapper friend of mine by the name of Chaos. I started thinking of using music to educate people while they dance.

Q. What keeps you grounded?
A.My Christian ethics and my upbringing as well as people who show love and support. Overall popularity or fame does not take away my humanity.

Q. What makes AJ stand out from the rest of the artists in the music industry?
A.The fact that I am a content rapper who also fuses in an element of dance so that people will learn while enjoying sets me apart from the rest.

Q. On that same breath how would you describe your music?
A.My music is refreshing, thought provoking and just informative to all genders and age groups.

Q. There’s a perception that DJ’s have stolen artist’s jobs, what are your thoughts on this?
A.To an extent yeah, but good quality work always has the ability to rewrite or transform what is known.

Q. We are five months into the year 2015, what can we expect from you before the year ends?
A.I am planning on recording a world class music video for my international song The Streets of Jozi and also looking forward to spreading my wings more outside the scale of Pretoria. Lastly I might be up for collaboration with a sensational Nigerian rapper by the name Benson Kuti.

Q. You on a plan to turn your brand into a lifestyle brand, with a T-Shirt and cap line. Take us through this venture.
A.I believe that I’m a brand and in order to exercise the principles of a brand, I have to take my brand out there in ways that people can access easily. I’ll be working with ambassadors and my team (JoeTech) to accomplish this. We are busy with laptop covers, AJ delela(dungaree) and work suite by Terror clothing.

Q. How do you balance school and your craft?
A.Time management is very essential, I spread my time equally without leaving or doing more of the other. It’s very tough, more so because I don’t have a manager.

•••THE END•••


AJ the m’rapper kid specializes in fields of house vocals, rap singles and godly praise poems. He also collaborated on a 10 track mixtape with Brian(MK) titled  “The Earth Lord”, which  has hits like “Isangomasamazulu”, “robatsena – rebatseni”, and “The Streets of Jozi”  produced by Man Pablo. He goes unnoticed on social networks with his trade mark #ibja, which means I belong to Jesus alone.

His latest single Streets of Jozi had a fair share of air play on GMtvradio and Venrapradio.  Local campus radio station TUT FM also contributed to his career by giving him a platform to showcase his talent.  AJ also performed alongside seasoned artists like Thebe, Alaska and DJ Black Coffee at Vicks Cafe.

Nothing but God’s peace, love and blessings upon you all.


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