African cuisine for African people is what Motlatsi Mathabathe and Theresho Mamabolo specialise on. Motlatsi and Theresho are a young couple from Mamelodi, they run a catering company named Rebohlale which means “We Are Clever”. The company is named after their son (Rearabilwe Bohlale) and it has been running smoothly for two years now. Their business is located at the busiest main road in Mamelodi, ‘Tsamaya Avenue’ so It is easily accessible.

The motive behind starting their own company was passion for cooking and creating an empire for their children. They also formed the company to create employment for people around their city. Motlatsi said to Tsa Pitori that they hope to recruit professionals in the catering and confectionery industry. She said they managed the see a gab in the market, a very wide one and filled it. So far they have two ladies who are helping them. The couple is planning on growing the number of employees as the company expands.

When asked what kept them leading a successful business for two years, they said its passion, faith as well as patience. Motlatsi said the feedback they are receiving from people around Mamelodi is amazing and it also inspires them to do more. The couple believe in working as a team. “Together Everyone Achieves More”, that is their definition for TEAM.

Starting a catering business in Mamelodi was a great business idea for the couple. Motlatsi told Tsa Pitori that there is a great growing demand of catering services, especially when it comes to African Food. “People these days prefer to have people cooking for them at weddings and graduation parties, that’s where we come in with good ingredients according to their needs”-Motlatsi.

0n the third of March, the couple will be hosting a ‘Sunday Food Affair’. The main purpose of the event is to bring people from all walks of life to taste Rebohlale Catering’s food. It is to showcase their food, market their services and attract potential clients that would want to use their catering services in future occasions. Motlatsi said the Sunday Food Affair is held every first and last Sunday of the month. It is an idea that they came up with. Motlatsi told Tsa Pitori that on the event, they sell African food to African food lovers. “We use the event as a tool of generating income so we can reinvest the profits into our catering and confectionery division”, she told Tsa Pitori.

Besides preparing dishes, Motlatse and Theresho also deal in cleaning, textile design and manufacturing. They also supply Government Hospitals with groceries and other things they need. “We are also looking at transport as well as property management”-Motlatsi told Tsa Pitori.

Motlatse is promising delicious African Cuisines for African food lovers. She said they also prepare food for people who prefer something than African food. Rebohlale catering and confectionery uses social platforms for communicating to their target market. They have a Facebook page, where they put their latest food trends.


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