The commission of inquiry initiated by Action SA said they will be handing a report with findings and proposed solutions of Hammanskraal water crisis to Councilor Randal Williams to deliver to Tshwane House. Their demand is that the City responds to the findings of the report within 90 days they have received the report. This is following the findings by the Commission that the City of Tshwane failed to comply with the values of openness and transparency required of it by the constitution, throughout this 16-year water crisis.

 Action SA said that should the city of Tshwane fail to provide a clear solution for the 16-year-old crisis, they will not hesitate to persue available legal avenues. “this will force the City to execute its mandate to promote and protect residents’ constitutional political part.” According to the commission, the water crisis story is one sided as the people of Hammanskraal have never been offered public hearings to express their thoughts and explain their sides.

“Through the commission, Action SA sought to allow residents to tell their side of the story, investigation the matter, and make plausible recommendation.” The water crisis has since been a problem in 2005 and scientific evidence presented to the commission showed that Hammanskraal water below permeable standards of safety for human consumption and farming activities. All the investigation and findings of the commission, they have also made their point once more that, if the City of Tshwane continues to take the matter for granted and keep on not doing any action, they give them no choice but to bring what they say is the lasting change to the community by taking it to court for its failures.

By: Mpho Khena

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