Donald (DaddyD) and his partner Thabiso (Reaper) are two young men from Saulsville, Atteridgeville. They started an organization called Acid Pedigree in 2013. Acid Pedigree is not only a musical organization, but has an establishment called Pedigree Lifestyle. This establishment is aimed at helping unprivileged orphans, and the youth in general to uplift, give them courage and motivate their future.

As a growing musical-band, they rely on connecting, working and uniting with other musicians in the industry, to raise each other. They believe that music can be the light for those who struggle to find their way in life. “We often find ourselves jamming to songs that remind us of our loved ones or past moments that actually have an impact on how we go about life.” said Donald. Acid Pedigree produce music in a way that relates to their everyday lives, it plays a part in bringing solutions to help individuals in finding their passion.

These young entrepreneurs have a background of old school otherwise known as Mozokwana music. This music influenced them from early years in their primary school days. This music gave them the drive to learn and master producing beats. “It was a dream that needed to be embraced.” Donald adds. After exploring their talent on the microphone, people were able to connect, and get motivation from their sound. Pedigree Lifestyle is in giving back to their community by working with different NGO’s which assist them in giving back in various ways.

Donald believes that their music production is more of a calling than a dream. He and his partner come from different backgrounds and they inherited teachings from their grandparent’s on cultural music. The teachings helped them adapt and produce a sound that is authentically African. The bigger dream for this establishment is to be the greatest business team coming from humble beginnings.

BY: Thuli Galane.

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